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At Rare Earth Digital, we know that the right software can accelerate a client’s business growth. It is our mission to build and maintain software that supports this purpose. We work with clients to understand their business goals and deliver software systems to help achieve them. Whether clients are looking for revenue growth, cost reduction, market share growth or compliance, we will fuel the attainment of those goals through great software solutions.

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Customer Thermometer

Beautiful. Like an angel dancing on my eyes.

Ministry of Magic, Customer Thermometer

We Are Travel

I recently commissioned Rare Earth Digital to develop a website for my new brand of adventure and experience travel. From the outset Rare Earth Digital helped me to frame my ideas and be very clear about the purpose of the website to make the design and build process simpler and quicker.

I had an initial meeting with the team and they shared in my enthusiasm for the project, talking me through a few ideas and giving me lots of things to think about so that we could get it right from the very beginning.

The team were very clear with me regarding the level of input required, and...

Emma Colclough
Managing DIrector

Print Monkey Pro

Our Print Monkey Pro website has always been something I have disliked, possibly because over the years I have ploughed so much money into it and its always had problems. It is safe to say I am slightly weary of Digital Agencies and so it took a long time for me to trust Rare Earth Digital and give them a shot at my site.

I went and sat down with Peter & Jez and we discussed lots of different features we could add to the website to make it more attractive and visual … basically placing confidence in potential customers that we knew what we are doing. Over the last 4 months ...

Lucy Ratcliffe
Managing DIrector