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Are your information systems inflexible? What happens when they break? We transform legacy systems into secure, scalable modern drivers of business growth.


We engage with your business's culture and goals, working to a shared vision of how to harness oncoming disruptive technological change to empower your enterprise.


The pace of change means standing still is rarely an option. We work with you to drive their businesses forward, fuelling your growth through great software.


Jake, Ministry of Magic, Customer Thermometer
Beautiful. Like an angel dancing on my eyes....


Emma Colclough, Managing DIrector, We Are Travel
The final product was (and still is) beyond all of my expectations.  They have made a very complicated website look simple and easy to use.  Rare Earth Digital added their extra special skills to making the website even better than I had initially envisaged. It was a pleasure working with the team at Rare Earth Digital.  I will be recommending them to anyone who will listen!...


Lucy Ratcliffe, Managing DIrector, Signmaster Systems
Our website has always been something I have disliked, possibly because over the years I have ploughed so much money into it and its always had problems. It is safe to say I am slightly weary of Digital Agencies and so it took a long time for me to trust Rare Earth Digital and give them a shot at my site. I went and sat down with Peter & Jez and we discussed lots of......