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Rare Earth Digital

About Us

At Rare Earth Digital we bridge the gap between the business and technical services.  We are an experienced team with a wide range of skills and most importantly, we care about the projects we work on succeeding for our clients.

We believe in doing the right project and turn down projects that aren’t right for clients.

We speak your business language, while maintaining a deep understanding of transformational new technologies in the web and app space.

Our values

  • We deliver a high quality service
  • We communicate clearly
  • We are trustworthy

Meet The Team

Peter Bennett

Peter Bennett

Peter is one of the two founders of Rare Earth Digital. Starting his career in a London-based business consultancy then moving to work in the BBC’s Corporate Strategy department.

As COO of a startup that grew to ~50 staff over its 10 year lifespan, he also has 6 years experience in functional design and build of iOS apps.  Peter has had many years of business management experience. together with deep technical understanding of modern web and app technologies.

Jez Touch

Jez Touch

Jez is one of the two founders of Rare Earth Digital.  With a background of development within a large IT services company he became the IT director of an internet startup that grew to over 50 staff with offices in multiple countries.

Jez has significant experience of flexible project management and is comfortable crossing the boundary between the technical and business aspects of any system.