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County Insurance

horsebox_insuranceCounty Insurance is a top 50 UK Insurance Broker with 240 staff and 16 offices.

Their business depends on three sources of leads:

  1. Repeat customer renewals
  2. Referrals from existing customers or partners
  3. New business leads from visitors to their websites

At Rare Earth Digital we work closely with the marketing and operations departments of the company.

With the Marketing Department we put together over 30 websites, targeted on particular insurance markets. These sites provide focused information to potential customers and generate leads for County Insurance’s sales reps to convert.

Originally the leads from the websites were just delivered via email to the different teams that dealt with them. This was fine when County Insurance was a smaller company, but soon became impractical as they grew.

The systems now ensure that all leads are logged not only to local databases for each site (which are backed up nightly), but are also streamed to a central CRM system that Rare Earth Digital built to bring order and control to the operations of the business.

countyfinancialservices_2Now the leads come in and are automatically routed to the appropriate teams within the business. Managers can allocate particular leads to individual staff and track their progress through to quote and purchase and beyond.

All authorized staff can check the status of a customer’s purchases, their history of engagement with the company, and the critical dates when they next need to contact them.

From a management point of view this gives the company’s leadership an opportunity to see how different teams compare in terms of conversions, and how different marketing plans compare.

Our close ongoing relationship with County Insurance allows us to recommend new improvements to their processes not just from a technical point of view, but from a shared understanding of their business aims and operations.