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Customer Thermometer

ctCustomer Thermometer is a 1 click email feedback tool. Their clients include 3 from the top 30 worldwide brands. Their systems are custom from the ground up, allowing them complete flexibility with their business plan. We maintain and develop their software and work closely with their IT partner who handles the hosting of their sites.

Since we starting working with them a year ago we have brought new rigour to the development process using a fully sourcecode-managed approach with clear release cycles and testing.

It is vital that their systems are always available, and that they are quick. We run separate developer, staging and live environments so that we can rapidly diagnose and address any issues, and can also rapidly develop and deploy new features.

Beautiful. Like an angel dancing on my eyes.

Ministry of Magic, Customer Thermometer

We use issue tracking to ensure that any change requests or support issues are kept under control and dealt with quickly. Similarly where our client has an opportunity to react quickly to a new opportunity we are able to put resources in place to add new features quickly and safely.

For the longer term evolution of the business we have a shared roadmap of new features and development to which we all contribute. This ensures that we have a shared understanding of the business and technical priorities and can make the most effective use of resources both within their business and ours.