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Everything Genetic Limited

Everything Genetic Limited

Everything Genetic Ltd, making cancer screening accessible to all

EGL has developed a trustworthy, reliable, and cost-effective cancer pre-screening process to enable very early diagnosis, and vastly improved outcomes as a result. Working with Rare Earth Digital, EGL is now delivering a scaled-up service to enable this breakthrough technology to be available to the whole population without compromising the trust, reliability, speed or cost effectiveness of the service.


There are many parties involved in providing a genetic test. The patient will need to receive counselling from an appropriate medical professional before a logistics team dispatches the appropriate testing kit. The patient needs to provide a range of confidential family health information, and follow specific instructions for taking the test. Once returned to EGL the kit needs dispatching to the correct laboratory, and the results received must be securely passed to the appropriate medical professional.

As EGL expands to offer multiple types of test, across different countries, the complexity grows and all systems must remain secure, reliable and scaleable.


We designed and built a cutting-edge solution to securely capture all the required data and track the progress of each patient and their test through the system. Reminders and nudges are built in, together with performance and exception reporting to ensure the process flows smoothly. Management information is generated in real time, and data is securely stored and managed.


Rare Earth Digital produce and maintain unique systems to address specific client business requirements, opportunities and problems. These systems address the whole ‘holy trinity’ (IT, People, Process), and deliver measurable business benefit or we don’t do them.

Our design process placed security, reliability and performance at the heart of this project. Detailed process maps were produced to allow for careful checking of data management and flow. As EGL’s industry is do dynamic we built into the process an expectation that significant new features and changes would be added on a monthly basis.

Why was Rare Earth Digital chosen?

Our track record of delivering complex custom systems that securely collect and deliver the right information to the right people at the right time convinced the client that we were a reliable partner. Our ability to quickly get under the skin of the project and engage with the complexity of the genetic testing industry allowed for a rapid exchange of ideas and information between ourselves and EGL, demonstrating our values and commitment to the client.