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ILX is an industry-leading provider of training for companies, providing solutions which are fully accredited by recognised groups such as the Association for Project Management (APM), Peoplecert, The Chartered Institute for IT, the British Standards Institute (BSI) and more.

They have a powerful portal system for delivering scorm-compliant interactive educational content for consumption via desktop computer / web browser.

We have recently completed two projects for them in currently unrelated parts of their business:

The ILX Player Smartphone & Tablet App

There is an accelerating trend in the training industry to be able to consume material while on the move, e.g. while commuting to or from the office, or away on business travel. Typically you cannot rely on solid internet connections (or the potential price of mobile data might be prohibitive).

The best solution to this challenge is not to use a web-based solution, but to use the flexibility of apps for smartphones & tablets. The key benefits they provide are:

  • The devices are inherently mobile
  • They can store video or other content and replay it whether or not there is a persistent internet connection

Our brief was to build apps for iOS and Android phones and tablets that allowed users to log in to ILX’s existing portal and get access to the courses and individual sessions in those courses so that they could continue watching video training outside of the office.

In addition the app had to store progress information so that when the user comes into network range again the progress data can be silently synced, ensuring that if they continue with the training using their desktop computer or browser that the experience is seamless.

An added benefit of the apps for ILX was that they have helped their sales team show prospective clients the range of services that they offer and the way that ILX is moving confidently into the future of business learning.

Latest updates

We have recently added a new level of functionality to the ILX Player that allows multiple choice quizzes to be set up on ILX’s server and automically synced to the smartphone / tablet so that when the user completes a session they can then do a quiz to test their knowledge retention.

The quizzes give feedback on each question, and the progress is naturally synced back up to the server in the background when the user has access to a network connection.

This increases engagement with the learning material, and provides useful feedback to the companies who are ILX’s clients as to how much their staff are working with the training.

Technical details

We built the apps in native code – ObjC / Swift for the iPhone/iPad version, and Java for the Android version. Use of native code allows a smoother and more secure and professional result.

ILX 3CAT Assessment System

ILX offers a service to its clients whereby the clients’ staff can assess themselves or their company using a range of professional frameworks, including the PCAT (Personal Competence Assessment Test) and the P3M3 framework. These are based on the Association of Project Managers (APM) frameworks for competence in a range of areas.

The system we built allows ILX to add clients, upload lists of their customers and assign them assessments.

The client companies have a manager login that allows them to see progress and detailed analysis of the outputs of their staff’s assessments. It also allows them to download all the raw data, and allows them to send email reminders to late finishers.

The individual staff of ILX’s client companies get a secure log in to complete the test or tests. Each answer they give gives feedback and context, and the final result of the test can also give a list of recommended training for the individual based on the answers that they gave.

The system was written in OO PHP with a MySQL backend and hosted on Amazon’s AWS infrastructure.

ILX Review of Systems

A service that we offers to come clients is a review of their technology. This is particularly useful for companies that have grown quickly in the past, or who are currently contemplating where to invest in systems or processes.

We looked in detail at the source code and structure of their systems and gave detailed recommendations on what to do to make the systems stronger, better supported, and more effective.

In doing the review we also built a wiki-style documentation system to allow ILX and its technical partners to ensure that all technical documentation is kept up to date.